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Dante’s Arena is a Sports Gaming Network to compliment the FireFan sports app. 

The Arena provides valuable news, information, stats, and content to enhance a FireFan player’s sports gaming experience. Unlike traditional sports media outlets, Dante’s Arena is not a top-driven information outlet. The source of the Arena’s core strength generates from you, the members. As this sites matures, we are looking for your feedback to make it better.

What the Arena has now:

Social media platform (Forum/Groups/Members). A place where members of the FireFan sports community can participate in forums and groups or create their own internal social network to promote events and/or share information.

Create Content. In addition to participating in forums and groups, members can also create content for the Arena such as articles, software/product reviews, videos, etc.  In fact, as the community begins to grow, the Arena will be looking for writers authors to be a part of our growing staff.

Secure Arena. The site is on a secure https network. That will become important later as we begin to scale our operations to include store fronts, etc.

In the future …

Custom Websites. Members will have the ability to create their own custom leagues and fanpages to promote sporting events. The subdomain infrastructure is already in place. Below are examples of custom websites that members will be able to create with the sports press theme already integrated within the Arena:





Promotions. The Arena and its members will host contests, giveaways, and offer promotional incentives.

Store outlet. In the next few months, it will be possible for members within the Arena to sell niche merchandise. The site and its subdomains is HTTPS/SSL certified to secure future commerce transactions.

Content Submission or Feedback: If you have sports games news or content which you would like to see featured, please send an email to: admin@dantesarena.com

Dante’s Arena is a veteran owned and operated company based out of Hawaii.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”5153″ img_size=”medium”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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